Facing the tree

Tree face

Can you see it?


4 Comments on “Facing the tree”

  1. Emily says:

    Spooky!! Great pic. Reminds me of something in my childhood, have vague memories of a singing tree but can’t think what programme it was from! xx

  2. gazingfromthegarret says:

    Your photo bought back memories of childhood also! I remember some detail and tried researching with only a limited result and no video clips seem to exist sadly.. & now about to show my age!
    Mid to Late 70s Early 80s series repeated to the next few generations also. A ten minute or so annimation at lunch times along with ‘Rainbow’ et al..

    ‘The Learning Tree’ was in the field beyond Timothy and Emma’s garden.(I found the names on the BFI site) and each story was the talking tree giving them a moral life lesson through a nightmarish vision of a particular outcome.
    Two typical stories I remember
    ‘…and The Rubbish Bin’ – what would happen if no-one threw their discarded sweet papers in a bin after the tree catches Timothy throwing his on the ground and tells the story of the wood and hillside lost to rotting landfill.
    ‘…and the Fizzy Lemonade’ – Emma throws her unwanted lemonade into the pond so the tree explains that it would poison the fishes and wildlife as they dont like lemonade!

    Each story would end with the tree magically putting everything back as it should be and the children called in for tea!

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