Feeling like a giant in Smithfield

The other day I spotted something incredibly cool on Atsuko & Joe’s blog… It was the kind of street art that you could easily walk past and miss, especially if you were chatting with friends. Thanks to this heads up from Atsuko and Joe, I decided to pop along to Smithfield and find this new art for myself.

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

EVOL Smithfield

This art is created by Berlin based street artist EVOL. From what I can gather, his work is usually in the same style; he makes concrete blocks and electrical boxes in the streets into little apartment buildings. What makes them extra special is the detail. Using paint and stencils, EVOL adds tiny details which make the “buildings” look real. Some of them even have graffiti tags on them.

Since beginning Picturing England I’ve learnt to look up as I’m walking around, but this new find has taught me that I also need to look down. So, if you see a crazy-looking girl walking around London, clutching a camera, frantically trying to look up and down at the same time… that’ll be me. πŸ˜‰

Here are a few links which give a little more information about EVOL and show some more of his work:



Wilde Gallery



And about his recent exhibition at the Pictures on Walls Gallery in London (wish I’d been to that!):

Evol: A Site for Eye Sores, Pictures on Walls – reviewΒ (London Evening Standard)

EVOL: A Site for Eye SoresΒ (Stark)

Evol β€” A SITE FOR EYE SORESΒ (Invisible Made Visible)

If you want to go and find this for yourself (I don’t know how long it will be there for), here are some directions: I got off the Tube at Barbican, walked down Long Lane, turned right onto Grand Ave, then left at the end of Grand Ave onto Charterhouse Street. I walked past Fabric (which is on the right) and kept going along Charterhouse Street. The concrete blocks are at the end of W. Poultry Ave. Of course, you might find your own way to get there.Β 


5 Comments on “Feeling like a giant in Smithfield”

  1. joe says:

    That’s the great thing about blog sharing…! : ) Was looking through some of your graffiti posts and saw our name! Thanks for the link, love your posts!

  2. That’s a really cool installation. I thought I was looking at apartment buildings in the first few shots! πŸ™‚

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