NOT a new Banksy.

There was a buzz on the Internet this week about a new Banksy piece spotted in Camden, so I went down to investigate. I found the piece easily, on Oval Road opposite Pirate Castle:

Stencil street art, Oval Road, Camden Town

The image is of a young girl holding a lollypop, pulling a missile in a child’s toy wagon.

Stencil street art, Oval Road, Camden Town

I was quite happy to believe that this was a new Banksy. I touched the fresh paint, and felt a sense of achievement at being one of the first to do so.

Happy in my Banksy-finding-glow, I wandered round the corner, and found this…

Stencil street art, by Camden Lock

What?! Another one?? Banksy wouldn’t do that!

The second piece, which appeared to be identical, was on the wall of the Starbucks by Camden Lock. Next to it was another stencilled piece – an image of Amy Winehouse by the artist Pegasus.

Amy Winehouse by Pegasus and another stencilled piece, by Camden Lock

Amy Winehouse by Pegasus, by Camden Lock

I would be willing to believe either piece was a Banksy, but not both. To my knowledge, Banksy doesn’t usually repeat his work. So, who’s the artist?


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