Mystery frozen building

I was walking down the road in North Finchley this sunny morning when I suddenly noticed lots of broken ice on the ground. I looked up, and saw this:

Frozen building - North Finchley

Let me add, it has not snowed here at all this year, and the only ice I had seen to this point was an icy puddle on my street. This building and this building only was covered in thick ice, with icicles hanging beautifully from the windows.

Frozen building - North Finchley

I’ve never seen anything like it, and would love to know how it happened!

Frozen building - North Finchley

When I walked past a bit later in the morning, a team of men were trying to knock the ice off the building. A few other passers-by stopped to look. I repeat, it was the only building in the whole street with any ice on it. Weird.

Frozen building - North Finchley


6 Comments on “Mystery frozen building”

  1. decorartuk says:

    Maybe there’s something wrong with their insulation? Strange indeed…

  2. faithrises says:

    Beautiful building, beautiful pictures!!! That’s what I thought, that maybe the house had somehow been splashed?! Anyway, Thanks. 🙂

  3. Mum says:

    Amazing and just a bit spooky that only the one house had the icicles. Great pictures ;0)

  4. Liz says:

    Why not go in and ask, especially as they seem to be a business of some kind? I think that’s weird enough to justify being nosy!

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