Stuck on Stik

Graffiti artist Stik is the talk of London town this week, as his exhibition opens at the Imitate Modern on Thursday. Readers/viewers of Picturing England will know that I adore this little dude, and Stik is probably one of my favourite graffiti artists.



He made it to page 3 of the Evening Standard tonight, and the Little London Observationist recently published a fabulous 3-part interview with Stik himself. (Part one, part two, part three.)


Stik’s pieces are all over London, and he spends a lot of time maintaining them. Unfortunately people do graffiti over them though, like this piece of Redchurch Street…


Peeping Stik on Redchurch St

Naturally, I’ll check out the exhibition this week. Fingers crossed I’ll run into Stik himself someday…

‘Walk’ by Stik is on at the Imitate Modern from 19th April to 10th May.


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