Finding Faces: Street Art by C215

I’ve come across a lot of new pieces by French street artist C215 recently. I love the faces C215 paints because they have so much feeling in them and, when I look at them, I just want to know who the people are. All of these pieces were found last weekend in Shoreditch.









Check out C215’s Flickr page for more of his work.


4 Comments on “Finding Faces: Street Art by C215”

  1. andBerlin says:

    Great finds and nice photos as always. I have a photo of the stencil on the white door but taken in Berlin – I’ll have to post it!

  2. […] been meaning to post a photo of this piece by C215 on Pfuelstrasse in Kreuzberg since I read Finding Faces: Street Art by C215 on Haikugirl’s Picturing England […]

  3. […] first saw this C215 on Picturing England and then saw the same stencil in different colours in Berlin and posted it as C215 – A […]

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