Leonard Street Mural

Nemo, Leonard St

I love this piece which has popped up on Leonard Street recently. I think it might be a collaborative piece, with Nemo being one of the artists, but if anyone can shed any light on who this is by, please leave a comment below. Thanks!


4 Comments on “Leonard Street Mural”

  1. yulia says:

    hey Ali, I don´t know if this of any help but since the wall is just across the gallery, I was watching the process and can tell you it was a girl! One artist only. xxyulia

  2. litleozy says:

    If it’s any help, I chatted with the owner of this parking lot and he did say that it was done by Nemo. Maybe the owner didn’t mean the whole thing and I misunderstood, or maybe Nemo is playing around with different styles?

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