More from Pablo Delgado

Remember how delighted I was to find my first Pablo Delgado recently? Well, I’ve found a few more now…

Pablo Delago, Regent's Canal

Pablo Delago, Regent's Canal

I found these little martial artists, and the little girl on a tortoise below, while walking along the canal between Broadway Market and Victoria Park.

Graffiti - Pablo Delgado

I don’t know if the next two are Pablo Delgado or not, but they’re similar to his style. These two were both found in Blackall Street in Shoreditch. I suspect these may be by another artist, but if anyone can confirm I’d love to know!

Pablo Delago?

Shoreditch street art


2 Comments on “More from Pablo Delgado”

  1. andBerlin says:

    I’m not keen on the Taekwondo one but I love the girl on the turtle! I remember being very excited when I came across his street walkers on Hanbury St. I think you’re right about the last 2 being by another artist because there are no shadows on the ground.

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