Long Distance

I did a bit of BT ArtBox hunting today, and one of my favourite finds was this one:

“Long Distance” by Benjamin Shine

30 - "Long Distance" by Benjamin Shine (Cranbourne Street)

30 - "Long Distance" by Benjamin Shine (Cranbourne Street)


8 Comments on “Long Distance”

  1. FacetsofLucy says:

    I love your photography!

  2. starscraper99 says:

    This is awesome! Was it photoshopped, or is there actually a Giraffe making a phone call with somewhere in the world!?

  3. Tom Pora says:

    I really like the idea for this sculpture. Your photos are great.

  4. Emily Summers says:

    Carl Burge from Remember When UK restored this original cast iron British Telephone Box (booth) for the artist Benjamin Shine. Benjamin created,& installed ‘Gilbert’ the Giraffe to raise awareness for the amazing British Charity ‘Childline’. It recently sold for £17,000 with all of the money going strainght to the charity. This was the only original phone booth, all the others were fibreglass & all amazing too. Beautiful photography Haikugirl , thank you so much for sharing it. 😉

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