Graffiti or advertising?

I found these Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter murals in Shoreditch today and I wondered if they were done by a fan of the movie or if, more likely, they were some kind of paid-for advertising. If it’s the latter, I’m not sure how I feel about using graffiti style adverts to advertise things like new movies. In a way, it’s kind of cool and certainly in keeping with the area. But on the other hand, are these artists just selling out? What do you think?

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" murals in Shoreditch

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" murals in Shoreditch

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" murals in Shoreditch


6 Comments on “Graffiti or advertising?”

  1. Monk says:

    Dont know how i feel about it but maybe they should have picked a better movie to advertise? Like two people I know that went to see it.

  2. gingerbreadcafe says:

    It is funny to use this style as being corporate I would’ve thought a company wouldn’t want to encourage graffiti aas such, I like good street art when it is individual. As for the movie the trailer looked alright the title puts me off Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter – really?

    • Haikugirl says:

      Yeah, it’s a weird way to advertise a movie, but in a place like Shoreditch I would much rather see a graffiti-style ad than a big shiny poster. As for the movie, it was much better than I expected, but very, very cheesy. šŸ˜‰

  3. Rachel Heu says:

    Hello Haikugirl (LOooove your blog!!!) Well, I have 3 thoughts about it: One is that the pieces look really awesome and would be a treat to see; Two: I’m happy for a talented artist that got a good gig; Three: that being said, one of my favorite aspects of graffiti is that it is that one can’t tame it! It’s wild and free… and that, is the best part!

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