BT ArtBox – the hunt beat me!

A few of you have asked me how I got on with my BT ArtBox hunt. Well, I managed to find 69 in the end (out of 83 or 84 – I was never quite sure of the total number!). I thought 69 wasn’t bad, given that I wasn’t going to try to find any at all. 😉 Eventually the weather, a painful foot, and sheer lack of time put a stop to my hunt, but I’m pleased with my findings. You can see my full collection of photos here. I’ve already posted quite a few on this blog, but here are a few more of the really good ones…

63 - "The Poetry of LIfe" by The DnAFactory (Old Spitalfields Market)

“The Poetry of LIfe” by The DnAFactory

68 - "Slip" by Gerry Judah (Tower of London)

“Slip” by Gerry Judah

54 - "London Calling" by Peter Anderson (Potters Fields)

“London Calling” by Peter Anderson

Seeing double - Big Ben phone box with the real Big Ben in the background

“Big Ben” by Mandii Pope (with the real Big Ben in the background)

40 - "Stop the Pigeon" by Howoco (Marble Arch Gardens)

“Stop the Pigeon” by Howoco

46 - "Inverted" by Terence and James Woodgate (Old Quebec Street)

“Inverted” by Terence and James Woodgate

60 - "Taxophoney" by The Light Bureau (Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras)

“Taxophoney” by The Light Bureau

5 Comments on “BT ArtBox – the hunt beat me!”

  1. Mum says:

    Love the Big Ben photo – clever ;0) xxx

  2. Monk says:

    I think 69 is a great number. Shame you didn’t get to snap them all though.

  3. Rachel Heu says:

    My favorite one is “Slip”… must have been amazing to see all of these in person. I’m really enjoying your photos!!!! ❤

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