Saw an interesting spectacle while I was out in Shoreditch tonight:

Pedibus, Curtain Road

Pedibus, Curtain Road

This slow-moving, fun-looking vehicle is “Pedibus”. The Pedibus website says:

With a seating configuration similar to that of a dinner table The Pedibus is the most fun and sociable way to cycle, chat and hang out with friends or people you have just met. Drinks can be served and consumed on board also. The openness of the Pedibus delivers lively sound and keeps the on-lookers passing by in complete awe as the Pedibus cruises on by with the party in full swing. Always a warm and positive reaction from The Public.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and looked a hell of a lot more fun than my delayed journey home on the Northern Line was tonight…


5 Comments on “Pedibus”

  1. andBerlin says:

    Ali, we have something similar in Berlin but because of the lax drinking laws it’s all about the booze – a Bier Bike. The middle of the bike has a bar – v popular with stag dos. Next time I see one I’ll tweet you a picture!

  2. Mum says:

    Ha ha. That’s great ;0) I wonder if the guy at front is the “driver” and has to stay sober. xxx

  3. gonerustic says:

    what a great way to sightsee and exercise at the same time =D

  4. Val says:

    Looks great – until it rains! 😉

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