Two faces of Shoreditch

I came across these two huge faces in Shoreditch the other day. Aren’t they fabulous?

Shoreditch street art

By Dan Kitchener.

Shoreditch street art

I’m not sure who this second one is by, but it says “irony” and “high society” on the painting. I’m not sure if they are connected to the artist’s name or not. Do leave a comment if you know!

I love seeing work like this in Shoreditch – you just walk round a corner and BAM, you’re hit with an explosion of colour and art. I know if the council had their way this would all be painted over, but I think it’s work like this that gives Shoreditch its soul.

2 Comments on “Two faces of Shoreditch”

  1. Delft says:

    I don’t think it’s paintings like the council object to. More the scribbled insults and racism…
    Love your daily shots of unexpected art.

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