Usain Bolt by Jimmy C

I believe this impressive portrait of Usain Bolt is a legal piece of street art, given what Jimmy C’s website says:

Renowned street/studio artist James Cochran (aka Jimmy C) has created a large scale street-style portrait of Jamaican Olympic hopeful and sports icon, Usain Bolt, on the wall of an East London car park. The portrait is being created in a distinctive ‘scribble style’ developed by the artist to reflect the inherent energy and vibrancy of Bolt’s personality, as well as visually communicate a sense of speed.

Chosen as a sportsman who reflects the multicultural mix of the local residents, as well as one who crosses sporting boundaries, the East-London based artist has several other large scale works in the same area. He has been painting on the street for 20 years, with walls in cities all over the world bearing his signature style. The portrait was derived from a photo by Daniel Sommer, which Jimmy has transformed into the vibrant painting that we see now.

Jimmy C

Usain Bolt by Jimmy C, Sclater Street

It’s very cool, isn’t it? I’d love to see portraits like this in the National Portrait Gallery. They should do an exhibition featuring Jimmy C, DON, C215, and all the other amazing street artists who paint portraits, proving that graffiti really can be art.


3 Comments on “Usain Bolt by Jimmy C”

  1. Jimmy C ‘Bolt’ mural is now available as a print, see the artist’s site for details: 56cm x 44.5cm 300gsm Minuet Smooth White Stock. Priced at £40.00

  2. […] It was great to see a number of pieces inspired by the Olympic Games.  I was gutted that I didn’t hunt down the Jimmy C Usain Bolt portrait featured here on Picturing England. […]

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