Banksy & DON on Clipstone Street

Walking through town tonight I suddenly realised I was near the Banksy on Clipstone Steet and decided to pay it a visit. I don’t know why really, I’ve seen it before, but I felt it would be rude not to stop by when I was in the vicinity.

It turns out I must have some kind of graffiti radar, drawing me to new pieces, because Banksy’s “If graffiti changed anything – it would be illegal” has a new neighbour…

DON's Ewan next to Banksy, Clipstone Street

DON has struck again, and he’s chosen an interesting spot for his Ewan McGregor ‘Cold Chain’ UNICEF piece. I wonder how he got away with painting it right next to a Banksy in such a public place? Nice work, DON!

DON's Ewan, Clipstone Street


2 Comments on “Banksy & DON on Clipstone Street”

  1. Delft says:

    Like the rat.
    You actually have graffiti under glass (plastic)?

    • Haikugirl says:

      Yeah, Banksys are worth something so they usually slap a bit of Perspex over them. I have seen it done to other artists’ works, but not many. There’s a C215 piece in Shoreditch that has perpex on it, I think.

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