Going bananas…

I saw these random bananas on Brick Lane the other day:



What really intrigued me was that I then saw bunches of them around the V&A.

Bananas in the V&A

Bananas in the V&A

Is it street art, some kind of advertising, or a banana invasion? Or perhaps I am finally going bananas…


6 Comments on “Going bananas…”

  1. LU Editor says:

    This is a street art exhibit to promote Rio and the Brazil Olympics – the artist is Breno Pineschi and he is calling it his “Tropical Clusters Project” – the actual fruits are made by many people who volunteered to help out – or at least that’s my understanding….

  2. Delft says:

    I hope someone will be making toucans! Though it might prove a little more difficult than bananas.

  3. inspiringcity says:

    I wondered what all these were doing hanging around the place, they are pretty cool πŸ™‚

  4. lol, looks like Banksy had a nervous breakdown. LOL

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