Flying Stiks!

This has been an incredibly arty week for me, and I have so much to share with you! Tonight I stumbled upon a very cool collection of flying Stiks at Hoxton Square (looking at it seems this is a brand new mural). Stik, as most of you will know, is one of my favourite street artists. These little dudes are just so cute!

Stik, Hoxton Square


7 Comments on “Flying Stiks!”

  1. Delft says:

    For the first time looking at you pictures, I wonder how the people living in the houses feel about the street-art. Usually your photos show building-sites, tube stations etc, or areas that are so run down that practically anything is an improvement. But this looks like a nice residential aria, the houses nicely painted, no garbage on the streets.
    Flying Stiks may be fairly harmless as graffiti goes, but if I had to pay for that stucco to be painted every 5 years, I’d probably be pissed off at anyone who paints over it.

  2. Also remember that a lot of the time these days, people invite the artists to paint on their property

  3. Ingrid says:

    There is a very interesting article about the human and social impact of Stik’s London works written by a human geographer on the local community blog Dulwich OnView

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