Spooky Shoreditch

I went out on a hunt for Halloween spookiness around Shoreditch at lunchtime today, and this is what I found…

Shoreditch street art

The voodoo that you do…

Shoreditch street art

Not a real bird – thank goodness!

Shoreditch street art

No Angel – Follow Gee

Shoreditch street art


Shoreditch street art

It’s the eyes behind that scare me…

Shoreditch street art

Urban snake…

Shoreditch street art

Looking at me, looking at you…

Halloween at BoxPark

BoxPark’s spider infestation…

Halloween at BoxPark

BoxPark’s very cool cardboard pumpkins…


3 Comments on “Spooky Shoreditch”

  1. Mum says:

    Great! Love the cardboard pumpkin.

  2. […] England shows us some “spooky Shoreditch” images of street art, etc before taking a month off from blogging to work on a novel Good […]

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