Let’s Adore and Endure Christmas with Orchids

Shoreditch street art

Shoreditch street art

Shoreditch street art

Shoreditch street art

Shoreditch street art

I absolutely love this Christmassy street art on Great Eastern Street, which is promoting an exhibition called The Art of Life which has just finished. For more information visit: facebook.com/OrchidsInfoUK. In case you missed the exhibition (like me) and are wondering what it was all about, here’s some information taken from Pocketful of Dreams:

A group of Dutch pot orchid growers called Art of Life have unveiled a really very cool exhibition of orchid inspired art at the Village Underground, Shoreditch, East London, to raise awareness about the versatility of these exotic flowers.

The exhibition comprises of a collection of four pieces of original artwork by graffiti collective Graffiti Kings featuring breakthrough style art, whereby each piece will look as if it has been punched through the wall to expose the inside of the building; revealing a series of windows into a home dressed with an array of pot orchids.  The result is a 3D effect, photo realistic collection of artwork which provides a beautiful visual impact against the gritty brickwork.

The street orchid exhibition forms part of an ongoing awareness campaign by Art of Life, who believe that the 25,000 species of orchid are all unique and pieces of art in their own right, with their diverse shapes, colours and patterns.

I wish I had known about it before and been able to go – it sounds amazing!


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