Oh my days!

Kid Acne has hit the streets of Shoreditch and taken over this massive wall on Holywell Lane, on the side of Village Underground:

Kid Acne - Oh My Days

The above photo was taken on Thursday but, looking at this post, it seems it wasn’t quite finished when I saw it.

I also saw the wall on Wednesday, when the old Phlegm piece was still poking through…

Kid Acne - Oh My Days

Kid Acne - Oh My Days

I’ve got to say, I’m slightly gutted that the amazing work by Phlegm has been covered up by this, but I guess that’s the nature of street art.

Every month or so, Street Art London and Village Underground will be inviting a leading street artist to the Wall.  For all the information about the project, visit: streetartlondon.co.uk/walls.


7 Comments on “Oh my days!”

  1. Holy Shit! They covered up Phlegm. That was a great piece.

  2. Great shots. I like the Phlegm showing through.

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