Upfest Highlights – Day Two

Another gloriously sunny day in Bristol, and another day of spray paint fun at Upfest! (Oh, and another 500 or so photos…) Here are some highlights…

Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013 - Kid30


Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013 - Naskool


Upfest 2013 - Sokar uno

Sokar uno

Upfest 2013 - Faith47


Upfest 2013 - Telmo Miel

Telmo Miel

Upfest 2013 - Visualwaste


Upfest 2013 - Jason Duckmanton

Binty Bint & Jason Duckmanton

Upfest 2013 - Eoin


Upfest 2013 - n4t4


Upfest 2013 - Philth


Upfest 2013 - Snub23


All of the art works were due to be finished by this evening, and tomorrow is supposed to be a viewing day and ‘artists’ day of rest’. I might pop back and see some of the finished pieces, depending on the weather. For more information, visit: www.upfest.co.uk.

3 Comments on “Upfest Highlights – Day Two”

  1. Maddi says:

    Wow, these are beautiful. Seriously, seriously beautiful. My favorites are Telmo Miel and Jason Duckmanton. Wow. I can’t stop looking at these.I love the use of color and texture and overall visual creativity. They are all aesthetically pleasing, yet untraditional.

  2. yiyime says:

    cool art…love it

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