Upfest Highlights – Day Three

Today was the last day of Upfest, and all of the artists were supposed to have finishing painting (although some were still going!). I popped out one more time to take some photos, and took way more than I planned to! The art work was just SO good. I still have hundreds of photos to upload, and I will share more here, but for now here are a few more highlights…

Upfest 2013 - Cheo & Onekopsky

Cheo & Onekopsky

Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013 - Louis French & Martin Joiner

Louis French & Martin Joiner

Upfest 2013 - Mel Saggs

Mel Saggs

Upfest 2013

Upfest 2013 - Sign


Upfest 2013 - Blouh


For more information about Upfest, visit: www.upfest.co.uk.


2 Comments on “Upfest Highlights – Day Three”

  1. Seriously gutted I couldn’t get to upfest. Keep the pictures coming they are great

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