William, Thomas, William

I came across these interesting statues in Bristol recently, and found this website which explains who they are. The quotes below are taken from the website.

William Tyndale (1492-1536) was born in Gloucestershire. He became a tutor in Old Sodbury but later developed an interest in translating the Bible into English. As this was forbidden he moved to Germany. He was later arrested for heresy, imprisoned, strangled and burnt. The statue shows him at work on his translation of the New Testament.

William Tyndale statue, Bristol

William Tyndale statue, Bristol

Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770). The boy poet succeeded in passing off his poetry as that of a 15th Century monk named Rowley. He travelled to London to seek fame and fortune but found people indifferent to him. He committed suicide at the age of seventeen.

Thomas Chatterton statue, Bristol

Thomas Chatterton statue, Bristol

William Penn (1644-1718), son of Bristolian Admiral Sir William Penn, became a quaker in 1677. Founder of the colony of Pennsylvania, Penn married Hannah Callowhill in the Meeting House at Quakers Friars, Bristol in 1696 and three years later returned with her to America. The words inscribed on the scroll are: “Death is but crossing the World as Friends do the seas, they live in one another still.”

William Penn statue, Bristol

William Penn statue, Bristol


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