Long Live Southbank

Graffiti lovers are up in arms right now about the possible demise of the popular Southbank skatepark – a space in London where it’s legal to paint, and skaters and BMXers are also free to play. If you feel strongly that such a space should remain, please visit LongLiveSouthbank.com and sign the petition. Personally, I think spaces like this are vital to society, and it would be a huge loss if it were to be removed.

Southbank street art

3 Comments on “Long Live Southbank”

  1. Mum says:

    Just read that the Southbank has bowed to pressure and has asked Lambeth council to pause the planning process so it can have time to review the scheme. Apparently it was the skaters’ views that had prompted the review (http://www.bdonline.co.uk/5057345.article)

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