Mobile Lovers

This week a new piece by street artist Banksy appeared on a wall near the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Bristol. Banksy has declared the piece as his work on his website, and the owners of the Boys’ Club decided it must be a gift to them and took it down straight away to display in their club until it could be sold. However, the piece known as ‘Mobile Lovers’ was handed over to the police on Wednesday night and is now on display in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

I don’t approve of the piece being taken down or being on display in the museum, and strongly believe it should have been left on the street where it belongs. However, I couldn’t not go and see it so I took myself down to the museum today.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Next to the piece is a collection box with a sign stating that the Mayor “has asked that people consider making a donation to the Club via the collection box, where thoughts about ‘Mobile Lovers’ future can also be left’. Paper is beside the collection box, and visitors are encouraged to leave their comments. I certainly did.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

5 Comments on “Mobile Lovers”

  1. Xraypics says:

    Now that’s bad karma. To take down a street artist’s work and display it in a museum. Not good! It’s a kind of theft. In theory Banksy could also be criticised for defacing the wall, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Tony

  2. LensScaper says:

    This superb piece of Art has been misappropriated twice now. First by the club who removed it from the wall, and second by the Museum. The work is not theirs – it belongs to the artist, to whom it should be returned, if it cannot remain where it was originally intended.

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