R.I.P. King Robbo

I promised Picturing England would be back in July, and I just made it in time! I was going to start my new season of posting with something bright and uplifting, but I just heard that legendary graffiti artist King Robbo passed away today, so I feel it’s only fitting to pay tribute to him. Here’s a piece I snapped way back in 2012 in London…

Robbo graffiti

As things are a little hectic at the moment, Picturing England is going to change format slightly. I plan to update weekly, on Thursdays, so please watch this space for new posts and don’t forget to subscribe!


6 Comments on “R.I.P. King Robbo”

  1. Emily Jane says:

    Oh noooo 😦 I knew he was in a coma after being attacked wasn’t he? That’s so sad. I watched a documentary about him and all the turf war etc that went on with him and Banksy. Was fascinating.

  2. Welcome back Picturing England nice you decided to pay tribute to Robbo as your first post back

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