Better Than a Bear Wall

This week I’m sharing another great piece by local Weston-super-Mare street artist JPS. There is a lot of his work in Weston – it’s great!

"Better than a bear wall" by JPS

Gogo Yubari

When I was in Weston-super-Mare last week I had to take the opportunity to go in search of this piece of street art by local artist JPS. I had seen pictures online of this Gogo Yubari (a character from the movie Kill Bill) artwork, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

Gogo Yubari by JPS, Weston-super-Mare

About a girl I once knew…

I went to visit the brilliant new piece from local street artist JPS in Bedminster today. It’s really neat, isn’t it?

About a girl I once knew - JPS (Bedminster, Bristol)

About a girl I once knew - JPS (Bedminster, Bristol)

Charlie Brown

When I was out and about on Saturday I spotted this piece of graffiti on University Road in Bristol. I think it’s been there since last November, but it was my first time to see it. According to Bristol Culture, the piece is “mocking Banksy’s recent foray to New York, where he revealed a new piece every day last month [October]”. The piece “shows Charlie Brown slipping on a few of the stencils that Banksy might have employed”. (Bristol Culture) I’m pretty sure it’s by JPS.

Charlie Brown

Born a vandal and just got bigger

JPS on the streets of Bristol…

Born a vandal and just got bigger