Temporary sunset

Today, 30th April, marks the 1036th post on Picturing England! I’m going to be taking a little break while I focus on work, travel, study and Japan for a couple of months, but I’ll be back in July. The sun is setting… but it will rise again before long!

Brighton sunset

Brighton sunset

Brighton sunset

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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…

A painted shop on Brighton seafront…

Brighton street art


Slightly freaky street art in Brighton…

Brighton street art

Cassette Lord

Some classic Brighton graffiti here…

Brighton street art


Spotted a Banksy-style rat on a post box in Brighton recently…

Banksy-style rat on a postbox in Brighton

A rainy night in Brighton…

It was very rainy on Boxing Day in Brighton, but there was something almost romantic about this view…

A rainy night in Brighton

How much is that dolly in the window?

Broken doll

Seen in a shop window in Brighton – perhaps not what every kid wants for Christmas!