I just adore Bristol!

“Wake up to the city”. I just adore this poster that’s popped up in Bristol recently advertising Bridge Quay, some new expensive apartments being built by the harbour. I wish I could live somewhere like that!

I just adore Bristol!


Past adventures…

Had a wander around Bristol harbour today, which always makes me think of old fashioned adventuring…

Bristol harbour

Harbour Shots

I had a lovely day out in Bristol yesterday, appreciating good weather and great friendship. The harbour was looking particularly nice…

Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour

Harbour wave

Did you know that the Japanese word ‘tsunami’ (津波) means ‘harbour wave’? I always thought it meant ‘large wave’. I spotted this boat in the harbour in Bristol the other day and, naturally, its name caught my attention.

Tsunami boat

Summer nights in Bristol…

Apologies if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, as you will probably have already seen these images tonight. I was out and about in Bristol this evening and it really was a lovely night to be sitting by the harbour, having a drink after work and watching the world (and balloons!) go by.

Summer nights in Bristol

Summer nights in Bristol

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 🙂

Looking at Bristol

While I was out Gromiting the other day I did, of course, get my camera out for a few other things. I did a really interesting walk from Bedminster up Brunel Way, across the River Avon, and around a harbour area. Here are some of the pictures I took…



I got my first proper look at Clifton Suspension Bridge, too.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The harbour was really pretty…



And I got a glimpse of Brunel’s ss Great Britain: